Cellulitis or not Cellulitis?

I do not know what to do about this. Two ER doctors say I just have swelling in my legs, not cellulitis. My PCP will not commit either way, but says it is questionable. All the other doctors, seven ER doctors and the doctors I had when I was in the hospital seven different times say I have cellulitis and treated me for it. I should be in the hospital now.

What do I do? The doctors I had in the hospital told me if it got worse to come back. I tried, but two ER doctors said I just have swelling in my legs and discharged me. I should have been admitted because the cellulitis is above my knee now and is still spreading.

I have thought about asking for the department head or manager if I get treated like this again. I know I should have been admitted to the hospital both times with those two ER doctors. I am at a point where I am concerned that I might lose my right leg, which is my best leg. It is difficult to put all my weight on my left leg, where I have had two total hip replacement surgeries.

I have been treated like this by some doctors, fire department personnel, and some paramedics. am I being treated like this because I am disadvantaged, on a fixed income, and am disabled?? Why do these people treat me this way? Tis must stop NOW.