As I always knew, the hours between midnight and 6:00 am are my most productive hours of the day. Whilst I do get stuff done during the rest of the day, it is not as much as I get done during that early time. This has always been true. After about 2:30 pm, I do not get much done.

I may actually be able to understand the math needed to compute orientation from readings given by an accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope. I was looking at a library on Github which referenced two texts that are actually understandable (with work). The other texts I have found are NOT understandable, at least not by me.

I will look for that. There does not seem to be anything like that for though, which is what I really need.

I found this interesting Feather Board that has an NXP MK26F [] MCU on it. It three UARTs and two SPI. I am trying to find out if it is similar to their i.MXRT MCUs. If it is, then it should not be too difficult to get Circuitpython running on it.

I have never attempted anything like porting stuff to a different MCU.

Why is there not any way to just make a new password when it is forgotten? I do not like having to get an email and use those direct links every time I want to login.

I fixed one of my test circuits and added one sensor to it. I also wired up a test circuit for my bno055 IMU and it is working fine. That bno055 is pretty expensive. but it takes away a lot of calculations that would otherwise have to be done on the MCU.

I recently got a bno055 IMU breakout board that handles sensor fusion right on the device. By that, I mean it also provides the Linear acceleration, Euler angle, and Quaternion values. These last three normally have to be calculated on the MCU.

I know. I do Facebook on a very limited basis because it is the only way I can communicate with one of my sisters. There are also a couple groups I am a member of. I will only do Microsoft for Windows 10 because I need some software that is not available anywhere else. I am exploring Open Source alternatives to these though.

Hmmph. The adafruit_blinka library is broken, I know *exactly* why, and I have NO WAY to tell anyone. This is a fine kettle of fish that Adafruit has created for themselves, and this problem will not be discovered soon.

Somebody will have to try to use Adafruit Circuitpython libraries in Linux in order for this problem to be discovered. Since it apparently has not been discovered yet, I am just guessing that I am the first person to try this. I could be wrong about this though.

Getting ready to solder some single NeoPixels.