I am back with Charlie now!! I see my PCP on Friday. I have to get a referral to a neurologist.

I almost have the hardware build of my Little Red Rover completed! After that is done I can continue working on the really fun part - the software.This is an all Adafruit build. I just have to make one cable to complete the hardware and do a little cable management. It will use a VL53L0X for distance checking.

I have already written and tested a lot of code for it. Pictures soon! 😀

I remember when we could trust documentaries to be the real deal and tell a real story.

That time seems to have passed long ago though.



So far, I have completed five Pull Requests (requests to pull changes into the mainline) on Adafruit stuff. They are just waiting to be reviewed and hopefully merged. These require fixing issues that people have brought up. An issue can involve writing or modifying code, editing files, etc. I have done a bit of everything

One PR required me to write code that added a new feature to a library. In addition, I had to write a demo program to test everything.

It is scarier than that! Researchers let artificial devices watch YouTube and look at pictures on the web.


My phone did not wake me up this morning! I did not wake up until breakfast arrived. I can not see anything on my screen, but the WiFi hotspot is working. Everything was fine last night when I went to bed.

I have no idea what the problem is!

Peek-a-Boo! I have been getting much more involved with projects for Adafruit. I just finished my second update to their stuff and am working on two more now. Things are going pretty well for Charlie and me right now.

Beep, Whir, Clank.

Yes, it sure does! My thumbs up, thumbs down detector does surprisingly well with just 30 images of each though. For actual use, much more data is needed.

This reminds me of Johnny Five. More input, More INPUT, MORE INPUT!


I have been working in Arduino today. I am tinkering with an LSM303 (Accelerometer and Magnetometer) and an NXP IMU (Accel, Mag, and Gyro). My goal is to get similar numbers for Roll, Pitch, and Heading from the NXP IMU as I get from the LSM303.