So far, so good. It is definitely much quieter here and the people I have met so far are nice. No loud, obnoxious, or angry music! We did not actually get moved until yesterday.


The new room is so much nicer than the old room. The whole house is nicer! Our new room is a little different shape - rectangular instead of squarish. I hope my table fits OK.

I have not moved yet!!

Now, I am being told that I will move tomorrow or Sunday. I think she meant Saturday. But, I have everything except my phone and tablet packed NOW.

They do not understand how this is going to affect me, even when I try to explain it to them.

I am reading a series on Medium called So You Want to be a Functional Programmer. I am really enjoying this! I am just starting part five now.

I hope so too! I have been told it is much quieter at the new room.

Moving day!!




We are moving to our new room today!! It is in another house not far from here.

My brain does more than enough processing and devising when I am up that I do not need boredom for that. In fact, boredom is a bad place for me because it leads to depression and anxiety. I really can not be bored, and must be doing something at all times during my awake hours. When I lay down to snuggle Charlie and then sleep, I want and need to sleep without interruptions from my brain. Even so, and this is actually good, sometimes I will come awake with the solution to a problem I have been working on and that solution will work when I implement it.


Michelle, it is not you who are messed up but they who do not know how to treat others or who do not care enough to care.

You, my friend, are JUST FINE.


The only ISPs I have ever been impressed with and gotten what I consider great service from are the smaller ones that are still hungry to get more customers and retain current customers so they can transform into The Big Uncaring ISP.