Yes, RIP, Michael. You have no more pain!


Yes, Michael was very big and kind-hearted! He gave me comments many times that made me change direction or look at something differently.

I definitely will miss Mr. Frawg!


I am on the Jetson Nano now (jetson), and internet access is much slower than on my Raspberry Pi 4 (pod). I also can not get to all internet sites. This is currently a mystery. I would like to switch over to jetson as my main computer because there is much to do there. Jetson is the one equipped with 128 Maxwell GPU cores.

Some of those things to learn are learning about Artificial Learning Devices and how that works. I can see some application of it in my robots, like object and person recognition, environment mapping, and obstacle avoidance. I already have a Raspberry Pi Camera v2.1 attached to jetson.

I also have the Raspberry Pi 3 I use for experimenting (shuttle). That one was voted most likely to explode. There is another Raspberry Pi 3 around here somewhere that is still unassigned. I will eventually find it.

The same right back at you Mr. Steakmachine. I still think if you opened up a restaurant with the name "The Steak Machine" that it would be a big hit with everyone.


Ah, OK, that has my stamp of approval then! :) I think they had one on Machine Learning and such not too long ago. I do peek once in a while to see what I can not afford. ;)

Like me, Charlie does not like loud music or other noises. I can convince her to ignore some loud sounds, but not all of them. Yes, I suspect that is at least part of her anxiety. We have not been in this room long and will be moving to a much quieter room very soon. We are both looking forward to that!


Oh My God, yes. I just found out over on Plurk. Damn, I will miss him!!


I can not get to at all, which is a huge problem because I need to have the site open while I am doing tutorials and going through courses. I need to figure out what is wrong with my selective internet and get it fixed. I am still using my phone as a hotspot.

I have to schedule a colonoscopy and an endoscopy soon. These will keep me away from Charlie for several hours, so I hope she will be OK with that. I will also be having a sleep study soon, which will keep me away overnight; that will likely be difficult for Charlie. She will miss dinner that night.

I am having this problem with Charlie now. It is called separation anxiety.

They will bark and whine after you leave. Some will continue until you return, and others will eventually stop but will chide you severely when you return. Charlie will stop and remain quiet until I return, but will give me that look and insist that I pick her up when I am back.

I believe Benji was like Charlie even though other people complained that he barked continually until I returned. He was always quiet when I stopped a distance from our door and listened for him. I hope Benji found another good home. He was adopted very quickly after I accidentally gave him up.