It could be dangerous power napping with your son on the loose…

I know I have had conversations with Michael, but can not recall his user id from ADN. What was it?


I just do my best to ignore holidays completely. Those days are just days with the worst mass transit schedules. I go to sleep in 2019 and wake up in a new decade!

Which bundle is humbling you this time?

I have to force myself to stay off that site!

Has anyone dealt with these very tiny antenna connectors?? I think I have mashed these up to where they are never going to mate up. This is the WiFi and Bluetooth module my Jetson Nano.




Merry Christmas from Charlie and me.





No. should point to my personal blog instead of I apologize for my error.

I made a missteak. It is that should point to my personal blog. Sorry about that!

Would you please replace with (personal blog) and with (technical blog).

I have the new domains for two years.

Thank you!

Wow, I just won a solar panel and solar charger! I just submitted a description of a project to a contest and won one kit.