Now, this company seems to have locked me out from forking their git repositories. What the HECK are these people up to and what are they afraid of? I have NEVER done anything to warrant this kind of treatment.

This is weird. Now, the raspberry pi 4B wants to ping everything with IPV6 addresses. My main computer pings IPv6 just fine.

What is going on with this rPi 4B?

Well, HARRUMPH! I have my main computer on Ubuntu MATE 18.04 because the Jetson stuff is tied to 18.04. My Raspberry Pi 4B is on Ubuntu MATE 20.04. ROS on the computer can not talk to ROS on rPi 4B.

I can no longer find 18.04 for the rPi 4B, so I am stuck at the moment.

I spent today rebuilding the software on my computer. Instead of Ubuntu MATE' 20.04, I installed 18.04. Some things I will have to do for my Jetson Nano boards require software that only runs on 18.04. I remembered I have an almost 500Gb partition I have reserved for Windows if I ever get it, so I used that as a backup place for 146Gb of stuff. Much of that is various downloads. I am probably still missing some software I need to install but will take care of that when it comes up as a missing dependency.

Just received:

Tomorrow, I will have four Raspberry Pi 4 (4Gb) from Sparkfun and metal heatsink cases for five. I am also getting a Pi 4 (8Gb) and other assorted stuff from Adafruit but I do not have an arrival date for this.

Today is a difficult day. I have some m.2 WiFi cards that I can not get the antennas attached to. I am sure I have every known style of cable for this type of card, including some I just bought.

I can not deal with those tiny connectors!

I got this cup for my best friend. I will have it sometime today. :)

I hope to still be alive after I give it to her. :)classy_sassy_smart_assy_cup

I am backing up important directories to a 64Gb flash drive so I can reinstall Ubuntu. It will be Ubuntu 18.04 this time instead of 20.04.

RealTek is everywhere though. How can we get away from it? My UDOO Bolt has RealTek gigabit ethernet.

I take that back. There is no RealTek in my UDOO Bolt.