I am not sure I would call Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos idiotic, but they certainly do look at things differently. I think that is OK because we need out of the box thinkers in order to move us forward. I definitely would not call them idiotic though.


I know what you mean! There is no thought put into what one wants to happen in code. People just throw out whatever they can get to work the quickest and move on to the next garbage they need to write. It is (or should be) criminal.


I had a doctor's appointment I forgot about and almost did not get ready for. The doctor already got the diagnosis from my sleep study! I am well on the way to getting a machine to help me sleep at night. :) YAY! Now, I just need a proper bed to sleep on, and that is also in the works.

I have been fairly productive today. I have my latest Adafruit Blinka project to the point where I can start testing with actual circuits - GPIOs (16), I2C (2), and UARTs (2). There are also FAN out and FAN tach pins. I will not support SPI on the UDOO Bolt.

The UDOO Bolt is now my main computer. I stuffed it with 32GB RAM and a 1TB NVMe m.2 SSD. :) :)



I am working on my most complex change to Adafruit stuff now. It requires many changes to many files in two different repos. It involves adding the UDOO Bolt to Blinka, Adafruit's #Circuitpython compatibility layer for Linux.

I wish there were a way to filter out just posts that contain alarmist stuff.

We do not even get to have the train.


My bank is like that. It only allows mixed-case letters and also numbers.


I agree! Regardless of which party they are from, it is all the same. It is really just a matter of voting for the lesser evil.