I may not get this resolved because I have a different insurance now. The last one was notoriously difficult to deal with. I will have to switch doctors too.


Hey there! Yes, it has been a while. I had a bit too much to deal with and just had to shut down for a bit.

Yes, COVID-19 has been a monkey wrench in a lot of plans. I hope we can kick it this year!


2020 ushered in Covid-19.

Let us help 2021 usher it OUT!

I made a new post to my blog today and now I can not find it. What did I do wrong?

It sucks to have a CPAP machine I can not use and can not get fixed. My current insurance is bringing the big dogs now, but it may not get results fast enough because I am changing my insurance company next month.


I do not want ANY of my blog posts to show up anywhere other than my blogs. Is there a way to make this happen?


If I ever put another website up, it will be programmed in some web-capable language like Python or Elixir (Phoenix). I never have gotten back to seriously learning Elixir or Go.


OK. It used to post a message about new blog posts. Does it NOT do that anymore?


It is not so bad if you have a flagship device. I have an LG V60 Dual Screen which I like very much. I have lost the second screen though, which does not leave me very happy.


Data and Information are supposed to give us power, but we have no control over our own data. It is just taken by whatever group thinks they can derive a benefit from it. It does not matter that the data belongs to US. There should be some kind of copyright or other protection for our data.