I might work on my Little Red Rover tomorrow. I have the parts to add front wheels to it. I also have to PING ultrasonic sensors. I built this from an Adafruit kit, and then modified it a bit.



Can we just vote "NO" on our ballet choice for President?

Can we just write in "NO" on our ballet? Then, if "NO" gets more votes than either candidate, both get disqualified. Unfortunately, if "NO" wins, the whole process would have to start all over again, which is not a good thing.

I respect the office of The President highly, but not those who will be there next.

I have been known to think of Linux as the "Windows of the UNIX world" at times. :-)

// @skematica

I will be SO happy when our election is over. Neither choice is good! That's the full extent of my politicing this year. I will defect! ;-)

I always installed KUbuntu when I used Linux, which comes with the latest KDE already installed. This was when I had to switch between Windows and Linux frequently. KDE made that much easier, and I just like KDE. :-)

It's 89F (31.7C) with 39% humidity in my bedroom at 6:02pm. I am not optimistic about getting much, if any, sleep tonight. :-(

@japchap US 101 goes all the way into Washington state. :-)

// @skematica

I just sent out a couple too!

Well, there is the usual learning curve you just have to get through to get where you can use something well enough to be productive. Then, there is the other thing.

I don't think you are in the learning curve phase. ;-)