Maybe.. Just sayin'. :-)

All OS could take a page from the book of IntelliJ IDE as far as fonts and readability go. It has easy to find configuration items to change all fonts in the IDE, including the top command menus. I have not seen that kind of readability configuration in any other application or OS.

The fonts in OS X are indeed very nice. It's the size that is too small. I have to really squint to read stuff sometimes.

We have conversation view here, which is good, but it is not threaded. In my opinion, the only client that really got conversation threading right, is Cauldron. Is threading a possibility at some point?

I wish there were a way to make the text larger in menus and windows in applications in OS X. I have a terrible time reading the text in finder and such! That's something Windows actually got right, albeit in a very difficult to find place.

Yes. I wonder how many of the 40 I follow on ADN will migrate over here when it goes dark. Some already have, but there are still quite a few I don't want to lose contact with.

// @skematica

It would be useful until the lights go out on ADN. I'd stay right here if we had that. Others might migrate too. :-)

I would hate to see how he treats is friends.


Oh my gosh! That is awful! This guy is/was a friend of yours??


Hackaday [] really likes the Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D Printer []. This could be one worthy of saving my money to get.