We are having Der Wienerschnitzel (chili dogs, corn dogs, and french fries) for dinner tonight. Cook says it is 103F where she is and it's too hot to cook.

Most of the authors I have listed are on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited. You can have up yo 10 books checked out at one time. This has caused me to read so many books! ;-)

Mind's Eye and Brain Web are two books by Douglas E. Richards, with Nick Hall has a main character. I highly recommend these. He is getting read to write the third book in the series now. :-)

I am starting the Time Jumper series by Jay J. Falconer now. This is a new author for me.

@skematica Regarding Dune? Neither.

// @kdfrawg

I have read almost everything Douglas E. Richards has written, and I highly recommend checking his works out. Some of them are all too plausible! In fact, I can see us heading in some of those directions with technology now. I love techno thrillers! ;-)

I tried and tried to get into the Dune series, but never could manage it.

// @skematica @kdfrawg

They forgot about drinking alcoholic beverages. What good is tuning out in your fort if you can't drink? ;-)


Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven are two of my favorites from the old school. Douglas E. Richards, Rose Sandy, Joshua Dalzelle, Gordon Kassler, Sherry D. Ficklin, and Thomas Waite are newer favorites. I have read several books from each author.

// @skematica

I think my brain is tired, and wants a break. It has gone on strike today.