I am so happy to see you here! I'm sorry to hear about your back problems, and hope this is resolved soon. Take care! :-D

I use Python for scripting all the time, and it works great! :-)


Prudence is a tart!

I agree! I hate politics too! I just ignore it and go on and do what I do. :-)

This Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2012 [ebay.com] 15.4" Core i7-3720 2.6GHz 8GB 500GB GeForce 650M laptop looks like a pretty good deal if it is upgradable to at least 16GB RAM. If I had the money, I would be really tempted to bid on it. I am at a point where I really do need a faster computer.

Here are close ups of the two decks Jonathon is going to make for me: The bottom and auxilliary decks.



One load of laundry is done, and the second is in the dryer now.
My adventures in The Zone continue. ;-)

Greetings, and welcome! 8-D

I just sent Jonathon (@duerig on ADN) links to two .STEP files of test decks to make for me. :-) I am so exited, I feel like a little kid with an unlimited budget in Toys R' Us. 8-D

I am the same way now - extremely selective on what apps I allow on my computer and devices.