Oh, that's what that bubble looking thing is.. ;-) So simple, I just couldn't figure it out. I can do complex stuff really good though! :-)


That's another device I would really like to have - a nice 3D Printer. Right now, I need a custom bracket for an ultrasonic distance sensor so I can mount it on my Little Red Rover. Since I don't have one, I will just have to DIM (Do It Myself) a bracket the good old manual way. As much as I DO NOT LIKE doing mechanical stuff, I am actually getting reasonably good at it - I have to or I would never get any robots built. :-)

No kidding! This is why I want an iPad Pro now. I watched a YouTube video on basic sketching with Shapr3D [youtube.com], and all I could do is drool. :-) As easy as Shapr3D is to use, I bet I could create all my W.A.L.T.E.R. 3.0 stuff in a few days, and it would be FUN. I really hope Autodesk follows suit and creates a full version of Fusion 360 for the iPad Pro. I used Fusion 360 to do all the 3D CAD for W.A.L.T.E.R. 3.0.

I see what you did there.. :p

Can we see conversation views here?


One day, I am going to build a 250mm size quadcopter! I already have a wish list, with all the parts I need, on Amazon. :-) Right now, I just want to design and build cool robots - I am building my Little Red Rover now. I also want to build a four wheel robot with a sliding multi-jointed arm and W.A.L.T.E.R 3.0. I also want to sharpen my 3D CAD chops. :-) Somewhere along the way, I want to get an iPad Pro and Shapr3D [shapr3d.com].

Thank you, kind sir! :-)

Some of us practice it everywhere. :-)


Here are some updated pictures of the 3D CAD I have done for W.A.L.T.E.R. 3.0. I am so excited about this! This has been an on and off project for almost 10 years. Unfortunately I have had to put it on hold several times, when life rudely interrupted my plans. :-) I am actually at the point where I am ready to have some test decks made for real world part tests! The first three images are the obligatory front, side, and back views. The last image shows how I test to make sure all holes and cutouts that should line up do line up in the various decks.







That first bullet should read "Be excellent to each other." :-) I like the phrase Wil Wheaton uses - "Don't be a dick."


This is looking very nice!! :-) I am glad I came over here. 8-D