I am starting to come back to my normal self now. My computer board was delayed, so it did not arrive yesterday. It and the 1TB SSD should arrive today. I got my new Jetson Nano and the 32GB RAM for the computer yesterday. :)

Problem solved. I was able to download a trial of Windows 10 (ISO) and will use that until I need to buy my own copy.


I am very hesitant about using eBay unless I have somebody else check something out.


That is true, but I picked it up again since I need something to do when I am waiting for something else. It is my Audible subscription that has taken the hit now because it is more expensive than Kindle Unlimited. I wish I could keep both.


I do not need a computer. I just need the Windows 10 Pro 32-Bit/64-Bit OS on a USB drive.


I do not handle the heat well. I only go outside when I absolutely need to when it is hot outside.


I need to get Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) for my new computer. I did not have enough money to allow me to get it. I need it so I can run software that is not available for Linux, like Fusion 360 (3D CAD).

Would anyone be interested in helping me get this?

I really need a haircut and complete shave, but I do not know if I could do that myself. I am not sure I am that brave.


Charlie and I went outside for a bit yesterday. We took a short walk to the store.


Some people think I already am. :p