On my last trip to the ER, I went in because I had fallen twice in three hours. I did not get treated for what I went in for. In fact, the doctor did not do anything to find out what was causing my problem. They admitted me but only "observed" me. I have no idea what that was all about. I have filed a grievance with my insurance against the hospital and the attending doctor.



Does anyone know how to fix the sound in Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04? I have tried every "solution" I have found on the internet but nothing has worked. This is on an UDOO Bolt, so I do not know if this is hardware related or not. Now I do not even have a sound icon on my task bar. I am running Ubuntu MATE'.

San Diego is about to get the first doses of the new vaccine as soon as it is ready. I am in a higher risk group but do not know how to tell the people in charge so I can get the vaccine sooner. I am actually not sure if I should take it.



I have stopped using water in mine too. Mine is not working properly right now and I have not been able to get it fixed. My insurance company is working on it now, and my CM is about to bring in the big dogs. It just blows a constant stream of air that I can not work with.


Things are up and down. I just wrote a blog post about one thing I am not happy about and there is no way to fix it.


I have an Adafruit 3.5 inch TFT featherwing attached to a Feather nRF52840 Sense. It displays all of the sensor readings from the sensors onboard and I have 1 second resolution on display times. :) :)

Do blogs no longer make social posts when we post new entries? How do I get the URL of a blog post so I can post it elsewhere? My blog is posting to the blog and posting the entire thing as a social post as well. Can this be stopped?


I have been, and still am, having major difficulty with life things. My anxiety and stress levels are off the charts right now.

I got my CPAP machine! I bought some distilled water from Amazon, so tonight will be the first night I can use the machine. I really hope it works for me!

The hardware is impressive. Software support and configuration, not so much. Things are not enabled in the kernel that should be, like the sysfs filesystem (even though it is being deprecated).