.I have been in the hospital for two days. I have been diagnosed with Obstructional Sleep Apnea. The pains in my hips and body are due to sleeping in a bad bed

I believe they are! I am liking the numbers quite a lot!

Hey, be very careful with COVID-19 around. Diabetics and those with respiratory problems are in a higher risk group.


California is on lockdown and still some people who work around others do not wear masks. I just had a go round with one of the staff here about this. These people just DO NOT GET IT! There have been over 60 cases of COVID-19 in San Diego County where I am, with most being in older adults.

I am in a higher risk group because I am diabetic and have asthma.

Hey! My A1C is 5.9!! My Sugar is 106 today!

I have all the electronics for my Little Red Rover working now. The Feather stack is one single stack now, not on the doubler.

There were a few wiring errors on the robot breadboard, including reversed I2C and reversed power/ground.

Right now, the Feather boards are in a single stack on a breadboard. Power and I2C are wired from there to the breadboard on the robot.

I also added a heartbeat LED, which blinks at the start of each loop, and a piezo buzzer.

Under cover puppy.


DEEP cover…

It sure does!


I have been updating all my Adafruit Express boards with the latest firmware and libraries. That is for five boards. There are a few I am not going to update yet because I am not using them.

I am also continuing to work on my robots as well as my RFM69 based mesh network. I have been told by one guy that he is getting 1Km range using just a wire antenna, which is what I am using too.

I filed with the FCC to get my former Ham call sign back.

Busy, busy, busy!

There is a new blog post about my Little Red Rover [hybotics.tech].