I had a doctor's appointment I forgot about and almost did not get ready for. The doctor already got the diagnosis from my sleep study! I am well on the way to getting a machine to help me sleep at night. :) YAY! Now, I just need a proper bed to sleep on, and that is also in the works.

I have been fairly productive today. I have my latest Adafruit Blinka project to the point where I can start testing with actual circuits - GPIOs (16), I2C (2), and UARTs (2). There are also FAN out and FAN tach pins. I will not support SPI on the UDOO Bolt.

The UDOO Bolt is now my main computer. I stuffed it with 32GB RAM and a 1TB NVMe m.2 SSD. :) :)



I am working on my most complex change to Adafruit stuff now. It requires many changes to many files in two different repos. It involves adding the UDOO Bolt to Blinka, Adafruit's #Circuitpython compatibility layer for Linux.

I wish there were a way to filter out just posts that contain alarmist stuff.

We do not even get to have the train.


My bank is like that. It only allows mixed-case letters and also numbers.


I agree! Regardless of which party they are from, it is all the same. It is really just a matter of voting for the lesser evil.



My UDOO Bolt and accessories came from Italy, and it arrived much faster than I expected it would. It was about six days in total. Of course, it took UPS another week to actually deliver it to me and I had to blast them on Twitter to get that.



The house internet has been working quite well lately, so I am finally able to stream some 4K content. I must say, WOW!