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I installed Ubuntu MATE 18.04 on the eMMC of my UDOO Bolt and it really works well. However, I was not able to upgrade pip due to it not finding a directory on the server. I have 32 GB RAM in it. I am still waiting for the SSD to arrive.


There is some really nice made for iPad Pro 3D CAD software called Shapr3D. If I could afford the iPad Pro, it would be worthwhile getting just for that software.


Odo is one of my favorite characters. René Auberjonois does a most excellent job of portraying him!


I got my UDOO Bolt computer board and my Adafruit CLUE board. I am still waiting for the 1TB M.2 SSD. The UDOO Bolt has 32GB of eMMC (faster than flash), so I installed Ubuntu MATE 18.04 on it. I have been using that all day today. I am really enjoying the speed of this board, and 32GB RAM sure does not hurt at all. :)

Got it. Thank you.


I won the Hackster IO [hackster.io] Freebie Friday Prize! I will be getting a Matrix Voice [matrix.one] and a Xilinx [xilinx.com] branded toolkit. I have been wanting to get into FPGA development for a long time, and Xilinx is one of my favorite FPGA companies.

I need to change the email address on file here. I no longer have access to the current one. How do I change it?

I am starting to come back to my normal self now. My computer board was delayed, so it did not arrive yesterday. It and the 1TB SSD should arrive today. I got my new Jetson Nano and the 32GB RAM for the computer yesterday. :)

Problem solved. I was able to download a trial of Windows 10 (ISO) and will use that until I need to buy my own copy.